Discover the Italian excellence
from the heart of Langhe and Roero



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Discover the Italian excellence
from the heart of Langhe and Roero

The ancient wine tradition of Roero

"From the heart of Langhe and Roero"

We are in Montaldo Roero. The winery is located in the ancient Bertello family farmstead, surrounded by its historic vineyards and the Rocche del Roero chain with its medieval castles.

A tradition that began in 1850 with the founder, great-grandfather Giacomo. The passion has been handed down for four generations while maintaining respect for nature and the desire to grow as a genuine company that does not seek large quantities but high quality to obtain a more valuable and niche product. In our wine the scents are those of the earth, of history and of the elegance of the Roero hills.

Organic fertilizer and no herbicide

"We take care of our vineyards"

We are a family business! The staff consists of Giacomo and Piero who take care of the vineyards; Luca, the winery winemaker; Ilaria and Marinella, who will welcome you in your visit and tasting.
For all of us, respect for nature is a priority: it is essential to take care of the vines through non-harmful treatments, therefore with the use of substances such as organic fertilizer and other eco-sustainable products.

About Cascina Ciapat...

  • Jessica Torasso
    A great family-run holding. Products are great, the owners are nice and expert. Definitely, a place to be visited!
    Jessica Torasso
  • Simone Castellotto
    This holding produces a GREAT local wine. The owners take care of the vineyards and of the harvested grapes.
    Simone Castellotto
  • Dalmazzo Carlino
    I have met the young owner of the holding and they gave me some sort of “peace of mind”, because I understood that there are small realities who pay attention to the quality. That is what I hope for our wonderful Roero land. Thank you guys.
    Dalmazzo Carlino
  • Emanuele Ronco
    A great family-run winery. Nice tasting feast, amazing view from the yard. Thanks for the tour and the souvenirs!
    Emanuele Ronco
  • Luca Berrino
    The best Roero Arneis. Go visit them and you’ll see I’m right. Plus, it is a nice family-run holding where one can find kindness and a lot of great products to taste.
    Luca Berrino

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    We are open From Monday to Saturday for visits to the winery and purchases at the farm.

    The visit includes a walk through the historic vineyards of Roero Arneis and Nebbiolo, a tour in our small workshop of good wine where you will feel a bit 'oenologists tasting directly from the barrels with our winemaker Luca. The visit ends with the tasting of DOC and DOCG wines in bottles accompanied by our Cugnà di Nebbiolo and other typical products of Roero. For those who have the opportunity will be possible a 'further visit in the vineyard Valmaggiore, about 80 years of age, 5 minutes drive from the cellar.

    *Equipped with comfortable shoes, the hills of Roero are steep!" We recommend that you book at least one day in advance to allow us to receive you in the best possible way.

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