The ancient winery tradition of the Roero

"The genuine wine a few miles from Turin and Cuneo"

We are settled in the heart of the Roero,Montaldo Roero. The winery company is located in the ancient barn of the Bertello family surrounded by historical vineyards and the Rocche del Roero chain with its medieval castles

The tradition is born in 1850 thanks to the founder: the great-grandfather Giacomo. His passion has been handed down for four generations maintaining the same respect for nature and the will to grow as a genuine company with the aim to produce a high-quality product. Quality over quantity. Our wine is scented with a strong respect for the earth, history and elegance of the Roero hills.

Organic Fertilizer: no more Herbicide

"We take care of
our vineyards"

We are a family-run companyGiacomo and Piero take care of the vineyards; Luca is the enologist; Ilaria and Marinella will welcome you in your visit and tasting. For each of us, the priority is the respect for nature. It is essential to take care of the vines with non-toxic treatments; in other words, we use the organic fertilizer and other eco-friendly products.

People say about us…

  • Jessica Torasso
    A great family-run holding. Products are great, the owners are nice and expert. Definitely, a place to be visited!
    Jessica Torasso
  • Simone Castellotto
    This holding produces a GREAT local wine. The owners take care of the vineyards and of the harvested grapes.
    Simone Castellotto
  • Dalmazzo Carlino
    I have met the young owner of the holding and they gave me some sort of “peace of mind”, because I understood that there are small realities who pay attention to the quality. That is what I hope for our wonderful Roero land. Thank you guys.
    Dalmazzo Carlino
  • Emanuele Ronco
    A great family-run winery. Nice tasting feast, amazing view from the yard. Thanks for the tour and the souvenirs!
    Emanuele Ronco
  • Luca Berrino
    The best Roero Arneis. Go visit them and you’ll see I’m right. Plus, it is a nice family-run holding where one can find kindness and a lot of great products to taste.
    Luca Berrino

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We are available every day for cellar tours and direct purchases.

The tour includes a walk in the historical vineyards of Roero Arneis and Nebbiolo. Feel yourself a true enologist by visiting our craft workshop and tasting our wine right from the barrels together with your enologist Luca The visit ends with the tasting of the bottled wines DOC and DOCG, of our Cugnà of Nebbiolo and other typical Roero products. For those who have the possibility it is also available a further visit of the almost 80 years old Valmaggiore vineyard, a five-minute car ride from the cellar..

“Wear comfortable shoes; the Roero hills are steep!” We also suggest you book your tour a day early in order to make sure we can welcome you in the best way possible.

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